"the only journey is the journey within"


Unless it's a journey through these pages. That's a journey, too.


Flat white
flat Colombo
flat sun
on laundry day when I am set to leave tomorrow.
but I just got here. 
Just got to finish a book
Just got my food. Vegetarian curry, a meal 
which is more than one curry.
I just got here.
Flat nose
Flat knife with a perky fork. 
Where is there a kite for all four seasons?

Hunched over now by the rocks that see
off-tempo hiking. The old fort
gave plenty of love in its day—
it’s all veranda.
I think of taking out a loan
against my ghastly assets.
Hell, I don’t even have the right shoes anymore.

My hope is the length of tea tree lines. They are flat. 
Once on a train line
—the right train no less—
I swerved myself so off track
that the attention I had gathered
spilled out so egregiously the villagers all came
out to grab its pieces. I couldn’t even watch
when it was just the kids
at the end. What would they know?
I had nothing left
and I can’t tell you if the train went on
or not. 
I had just gotten there.