"the only journey is the journey within"


Unless it's a journey through these pages. That's a journey, too.

First Post

This is the first post on this site. A site dedicated less to the totality of my life (a different site should suffice for that purpose) and one focused on my writing. Starting with another first—an attempt to write a novel.

And so we sway futureward.  

I’ve begun the novel. I’ve settled on my idea. I’ve started writing, with something like 25,000 words—many of which I’m sure I will not keep. But I’m on my way.


And here’s what I’ve realized so far:

First. It seems as though it will become a novel of my 20s. It’s all there: the stuff that so many 20-somethings see: bars, romance, late nights of no particular meaning, and the stuff I saw: start-ups, Rome, failure. Books, quotes. Folks too smart for their own good. People that are too beautiful just the same. None of this—the wrapping up of these more reckless years into some kind of escalated art project of my dreams—is surprising.

Second. Exposition is easy—which is good and bad. I’m able to come up with ideas of what I want to tell in this story, and that is coming to me rather easily. Words are flowing out at a pace I don’t experience often, and characters are starting to take up living space in my brain. The hard part, of course, is deciding how to show these things. No one wants a book of all exposition, the idea is to bring this to life the way it makes attractive on the page—dialogue, action, suspense, etc….This will take me months, if not years, to translate to. And so I am getting to work!


Third. Advice is everywhere, and much of its wisdom will need to be disregarded. Part of me is resigned to waiting until I have the time and space (likely not for another 6 weeks as I wind down my “old” life of work and stabilization) to figure out how I’ll write. How this whole thing will get done and down. Part of me knows that I need to be more disciplined, bending my habits into a more beautiful process. And with this I am back in the grips of the patience vs. persistence reckoning of which I have not come to full terms with, but hope to wrestle literarily.

That’s all I have for now. Many words await, so I mustn’t waste them so easily.

July Wrap-up