"the only journey is the journey within"


Unless it's a journey through these pages. That's a journey, too.

July Wrap-up

I've concluded my first month of travel and dedicated book-writing (well, not so dedicated—July included three different countries (S. Korea, Indonesia, Sri Lanka), tours, beach days, safaris, world cup viewing, and more. 

I knew that July—due to travel schedules already set and my traveling with friends for almost all of it—could be my least dedicated writing month, so I was a bit nervous about what I could get done in that time.

I managed well. Or, at least, I'm happy with the outcome. I sectioned off time to write, time to read, and the words are coming easier than I thought they would. The qualifier for that, though, is that I've done zero editing and I'm just writing the words AS they come, instead of deliberating on WHAT they should be. That will come later. And that is almost certainly the harder part.


What I did accomplish looks like this (all in first draft mode):

Word count: 50,097 (some taken from pre-July writing in South Africa in April/May, but most is unique)
Completed chapters: 6
Estimated paperback pagers: 89
(Scrivener app estimate)
Estimated reading time: 2:19:42 (Scrivener app estimate)

 So, off to a good start. My goal for August is to write another 50,000 words and then September may be the beginning of the editing process. I know the words aren't what I want, and the draft is littered with notes to myself to make changes or add/remove items. So, nothing's done yet.


The first six chapters, for those still intrigued, make up the beginning of our story. The narrator moves to the city, gets a strange roommate, starts freelance writing, and eventually meets and gets set up with a gig for the startup (Horatio). Through this, he learns the origin story, meets the co-founders and part of the team, and starts to get integrated into the work. 

I've done some foreshadowing, through narration devices, of what's to come (disaster, so to speak), and have started to hint at the tension that is lying beneath what seems like a healthy team and growing product. 

From here, the tension needs to crank up and really engage the reader as he/she witnesses what happens when money, fame, and ego start entering into of all of this. 


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