ERIC GRANT IS AN AUTHOR. Well, maybe he is?

He's certainly trying. (Yes, his hardest.)

Likely somewhere in Southeast Asia, Eric is writing his first novel—a first-person account of a plucky young writer caught in the storm of a fast-paced tech start-up.

It's the 'Almost Famous' for the Silicon Valley age; though it takes place in the Midwest, has no groupies, and the novel's characters collectively agree to ditch the term 'rock star' at every urging. 

Before attempting the great feat of novel writing, Eric worked in tech—as a freelancer, a small-time entrepreneur, and as a program manager in Learning & Development for a start-up and a little company called Uber. Yes, that one.

This site is meant for Eric to blog about writing. If he's not lazy, he'll do that with some regularity. But he's never been the consistent one. If you want to see what he's written before and perhaps some words on his traveling, head to his personal website (

Eric is the recipient of the Theresa B. Muller award in Fiction and the William F. Allen award in History Writing. He's also the author of an e-book called The 9 to 5 Nomad: A Guide for The Modern Location-Independent Employee, which is for sale. He promises the next book will be better. And hopefully non-electronic.